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19 Dec. 2005
Hoboken, Belgium

This initiative came to me as a nice surprise!

It seems really exciting because Tchaplin was always packed whenever
the band played there. I wonder how many enthusiasts from way back then
will now respond from behind their computer screens!

As a matter of fact, I would really like to talk to Paul or Frank once again.
Because after all this time, the Kitchen has always held a very warm spot in my heart.

The site is looking great and I wish you all the best of luck with it!

Do keep me up to date on everything!

19 Dec. 2005
Detroit, MI, USA

Well, unkle Mars here...

Been visiting and checking up on the Kitchen-work in progress,
seems to work very well, looks good,
and is very interesting, has raised my curiosity certainly.

So, keep up the good Kitchen-works!

1 Jan. 2006
Itegem, Belgium

Wow, Antwerp, city of Diamonds! Seems to be true!

Hard to understand for me that these talented guys
never really knew their breakthrough.

So, Kevin, keep up the good work.
And you guys, grab your guitars, test your drums, oil your voices and...
Go for it once again,... please!!!

9 Jan. 2006
jackie, once "young and crazy"

I'm one of the happy few who can boast about having seen this supreme band live
over fifteen times in the early nineties.

I guess what annoyed me most, was the never ceasing series
of comparisons to the Doors' music and, in particular, between
Paul's voice and that of the late Jim M.
The lyrics and compositions put on record and performed by "The Kitchen",
as we, erstwhile
afficionados , used to call the band, were eminently richer
than just being mere Doors copies and drew from many a different musical well.
Echoes of Drake, Walker, Brel, Cave, Cohen, Weill abound,
but always with that extra personal touch added.

Some of Paul's lyrics are still among my favourite musical poetry
and Frank's guitar playing on stage, as far as I'm concerned, was only second to
David Gilmour's. Plus Jan's exquisite and subtle keyboard playing ....
those driving basslines produced by Michel and later by Phil .....

"Kitchen of Insanity" well and truly was a major, albeit largely underestimated band on
the Belgian rock scene and I can but strongly recommend anyone with an artistically inclined
rock'n'roll heart to urgently check out their records before they've all become unobtainable
record collector's & cult items!

12 Jan. 2006
Zwijndrecht, Belgium

Finally a brand new website about the fantastic Kitchen of Insanity.

Back in the early nineties, I was a huge fan of their music,
they always had some pure and raw feeling to it,
and some lyrics that blew your head off! And then that melancholia...
When I play those records, they can easily stand next to Nick Cave or even Tindersicks.

Back then I eagerly awaited some news about new recordings
but after their second album, that was it!
Pure shame.
I never really quite understood why they didn't make it further.
To me, they had everything to become an international rockband.

15 Jan. 2006
Jan Van den Eynden
Berchem, Belgium

This site is a labour of love and very tasteful and elegant to boot!

A unique tribute to the splendour and majesty that was the Kitchen - keep it up,
spread the word!

7 June 2006
Antwerp, Belgium

At the end of the 1970's I joined the then 18 year-old Paul De Borger
to a concert in a parish room in Hoboken.
Halfway through his show, Paul began a striptease. Great upheavel
and panic amongst the vicar and his believers.
At the point where Paul started on his underwear, the vicar
shut down the electricity; gone were lights and music.
Hilarity was in the air as Paul decided to leave the room in his knickers.

31 July 2006
Karl De Wolf
Stabroek, Belgium

Truly great Kitchen website you have set up here,
big thanks for all the info / tracks / clips made available.

And indeed, I'm one of the people that really think they should have
made it big time, helas...
to my mind and ears the Kitchen of Insanity ranks among
Belgium's finest: Burning Plague, Irish Coffee, dEUS...

Surfin' to the Kitchen's site brought back plenty of good memories from days long gone.
Often met Paul and Frank in W.G.'s Soundgarden record shop enjoying good music and
the occasional drink, or two, three... A lot of the heavy fans at their gigs were also Soundgarden regulars.
At Kitchen gigs there was always something more than just good music and enthusiast performing: real "ambiance".
One would almost forget Paul's strong lyrics... ... that were days to be loved.

30 Jan. 2007
Marc Mathieu
Brussels, Belgium

The best kept secret from Belgium finally has a website. Great job Kevin.

It seems I'm not the only one who's missing the Kitchen.
So the next step is bring them back together !!!!
I know you can do that. The force is with you.

12 Dec. 2007
Indiana, USA

Greetings to you from Indiana (what a strange and exotic place eh?)!!
I was guided to your site by your "Jackie, once young and crazy". He describes
their sound as "musical poetry". I have to completely agree.

I read all the lyrics before listening to the songs, completely
enamored with them unaccompanied. Once combined with the music,
well my friends, there is the art and they were masters of it.
Keep up the wonderful work!

Very truly,

p.s. I am fairly certain I was Anais Nin in my prior life...he he he!

18 Dec. 2007
Jimmy Vinck
Mortsel, Belgium

Aaaaaahhhhh... The Kitchen Of Insanity. It brings back great "Memories".
Heavenly albums. Fantastic concerts. I never quite understood why it all had to end.
Anyway , it's great to see that they are still alive and well on the internet
and of course in the minds of numerous fans.

Great site Kevin.
Cheers, Jimmy