This site is dedicated to the genius that was Kitchen of Insanity,
their wonderful, timeless musical output and the writings of Paul De Borger.


For starters, I send out my special thanks to the following people
for their vital support and contributions to this site:

Paul & Frank (founding band members);
Ludwig (former band manager & founder of Manifesto Records);
Jackie, once 'young and crazy' (yes, we know who you are!);
also, my family for putting up with me & my dedication to music!


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Myself & my story explained...
As a child, I was turned on to the likes of The Doors and many of their contemporaries, like The Rolling Stones,
The Who, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. But it was the band fronted by Jim Morrison that would forever be my
number one - the subject itself turning into an expertise over the many years of listening, reading and collecting.

In the early 1990's my father send me out to the record store one day to track down the latest cd by a band
called Kitchen of Insanity - he caught one of their songs on the radio and got struck by it. From that moment on,
after having absorbed Orpheus Feeling, The Doorsfound themselves in the company of some serious
competition as far as my own taste in music would go.

Along the line, the likes of Led Zeppelin, R.E.M.,Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Live,Neil Young, The Sands,
Dire Straits and many, many others would forever earn themselves a place in my heart. But none were like
The Kitchen and in particular their Orpheus Feeling, the album that will never leave the Top 3 of my all time
favourite albums.

But very little was to be found once 1993 had turned into 1994 and it seemed as if though the band and its
individual members had been wiped off the face of this Earth. Even after many years of browsing and
searching the Internet, only a few words came up.

In November of 2005, I had a chance meeting with the band's one-time manager. Upon revealing to him my
intentions to one day make a Kitchen of Insanity website, Ludwig pointed me into the direction of the band.
To my great surprise, the guys were still befriended, living only a couple of miles away from me... I was
delighted to find them being very enthousiastic about my plans to construct them a well deserved tribute.

Well, that's me. I hope you will enjoy this website, the stories, the music, the videos and so on.
Although unknown to most people, Kitchen of Insanityis a true musical legend, one of the greatest losses
in popular music. It is my wish and goal to preserve as much as I can of all this.

Thanks for visiting and let yourself be heard at our Guestbook!

Sincere greetings!

Kevin, January 2006.