March 5, 2017

Another video from the 1992 Namur show was put forward by band member Jan Hollants...
This clip has far superior sound quality and adds audio and visual effects, most notably on
Sitting in the Shades of Summer; at 20 minutes, 15 seconds in.

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  February 21, 2017

A newly surfaced concert from 1992... in its entirety!
Filmed in the city of Namur, the show features Kitchen of Insanity mk2, with Fil Yzerdraad on bass.

Part 1: Drink / Memories / We Go On / Dare To Forget Lost In My Dreams/ This City /
Sitting In The Shades Of Summer / Never Growing Inside / I'm In Trouble / Sunny Day /
Ghosts Of Feeling / Pictures On My Sleeve / Nightworld / Time

Part 2: Orpheus Feeling / St. Vitus Dance Revised / Ghosts Of Feeling (encore) /
Sitting In The Shades Of Summer (encore)

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  April 6, 2016

RADIO 1 "Wonderland" commemorates 20 editions of Humo's Rock Rally with a series
of radio specials. Representing Kitchen of Insanity are Jan Hollants & Stefan Verstraeten ,
providing their memories of the finale night as well as of the band in general.

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  June 12, 2014

June 23rd will see the first official Kitchen of Insanity release in 21 years...
A first generation tape of the February 20th, 1991 concert in Ghent has been
unearthed, mastered and pressed on limited edition vinyl only.
Thank you Starman Records !
More info very soon! For now, click the album covers to see them in high res.

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  June 12, 2014

Proudly announcing the official Paul De Borger webpage!
The one and only one stop, concise complete portal
to the man and his legendary work...

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  December 1, 2011

Newly discovered early Kitchen of Insanity artwork;
four concert posters drawn by Michel Clarys .

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  March 24, 2010
October 9, 2011 (update)

Opening the Kitchen of Insanity treasure chamber with... Vaults, a series of quality
demos, outtakes and live recordings.

Starting the series is this sublime bluesy live take on Time, taped at a show in Namur.

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  April 17, 2008

A big hello and welcome to a new band featuring Paul De Borger on vocals!!!
The Black Lolas boost a very promising sound and they are working hard to become
a tight & steady unit.
The band have just appeared by putting up the BLACK LOLAS VI.BE page where we can
already enjoy their stunning demo recordings.
This is a new chapter in the life of Paul and we all wish him the best of luck with it!
Stay tuned!!!

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  January 24, 2008

A big thank you goes out to Joris for providing me with some great 1990
Humo magazine clippings covering the 1990 Rock Rally finale.
A first article covers the winning artists, a second features band interviews.
In Dutch language only.

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  January 11, 2008

People have been asking me about that very last Kitchen of Insanity release...
Pictures On My Sleeve was a single sided 45rmp vinyl single, produced in 1993.

It's a rather poppy sounding track, especially when compared to the songs on
Orpheus Feeling, its predecessor.

As things would turn out, the single would never reach record store racks; for
whatever, unknown reason...

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  December 10, 2007

A magnificent find... a historic aural document...
This is the complete original Orpheus Feeling radio special,
as broadcast on Belgian national radio in late 1992...

Paul De Borger talks about the band, the new album, influences & heroes,
Nick Drake and loads more... In Dutch language only.

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  October / November 2007

Major website revamp!
Now looking better than ever, it's time to take this place to a higher level...

It's been over a year but I always like to keep my promises!...
This one has been lurking in the closet for some time now:
Prins Kardinaal 18-05-1996 is an excellent quality live recording of a great show.

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  April 6, 2007

When the Drunken Maria band website got abandoned by its management, Paul De Borger
was looking for a place to keep it afloat...
There will always be some room left under my virtual wings when it comes to great music!

Drunken Maria, a rock venture featuring Paul on vocals, has by now come to an end...
The site is well worth checking out, though. There's great music to sample & download!

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  September 17, 2006

Yet more live Kitchen: Ghosts Of Feeling (Kontich 1990) and the never
released Nightworld. Amateur footage... just the way we like it!

This great lost gem brings an end to our exploration of the Kitchen vaults...
For the time being...
I'm sure that, by reaching further & digging deeper, more will emerge - 'till then!

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  September 12, 2006

More live footage: Memories from the Humo Rock Rally finale and
This City recorded during the concours proceedings.

The third video here is the very tail ending of the Rock Rally:
Guy Mortier reveals the winners!

As always, these are amateur recordings.

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  July 6, 2006

The band perform Time at the Humo Rock Rally finale on April 1, 1990.
Again, this video is an amateur recording.

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  June 21, 2006

The very first in a series of live footage!
I'm In Trouble is an amateur recording of a 1990 show in Kontich, Belgium.

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  June 21, 2006

Presenting you a great website: YouTube, a place devoted to video footage.
Users worldwide can upload their videos freely, producing a wealth of rare stuff...
It's all there: the funniest, the weirdest, the sickest, the hottest rocking, etc.

After stumbling upon this excellent medium, I decided to take the Kitchen there...
It is a great way to collect comments and opinions from viewers worldwide.
In time, people will start linking to these clips, creating a bigger crowd in doing so.

To find the Kitchen clips, follow the YouTube link and run a search for the band.
All Kitchen of Insanity video clips featured on YouTube can also be found on
this website, check the video-page!

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  June 7, 2006

The flowing waters of inspiration & the shaping of new ideas...
The Laughing Academy, yet more great unreleased songs.

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  April 8, 2006

Kitchen of Insanity at the dawning of the 21st century...
The year was 2000, the project titled Beg Your Pardon...
Standing as proof of sublime musicianship, Beg Your Pardon features
some of the band's strongest material ever!

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  March 29, 2006

Probably the first ever public airing of the Kitchen ofInsanity video for
Sitting In The Shades Of Summer; from the Orpheus Feeling album!
Again, a magnificent rarity, hardly ever seen... until here and now!

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  March 27, 2006

Time warp back to the year 1995...
A project that never met its conclusion, a document as yet unmastered.
It never came to be what it was supposed to be or might have been...
Though never officially given the title, this is the 3rd Kitchen ofInsanity album!

It's the strong pillar needed to carry the weight of the band's history.
Loser's Manual - a collection of songs providing a peek beyond Orpheus Feeling.
Never released and heard only by handful of insiders... until today!

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  February 2006

Finally here: for many a first encounter with whatever's beyond the official albums.
Transferred from old dusty analog tapes, the live Kitchen of Insanity experience,
now on compact disc, sounding amazingly well.

Live In Gent, Feb. 20, 1991 holds some great surprises...

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